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I'm a forty year old Artist and semi-professional sculptor, and I've turned my hobby into a fun and interesting career. I was born in Britain but currently live in Ottawa, Canada. I've been sculpting commercial models for 6 years, I can work in 3-ups or regular scale, and I've done fantasy and sci-fi sculpts, boardgame components, model railway models, 1:72 scale minis, and wedding cake toppers. I'm available for custom miniature sculpting, master sculpts for casting, extensive conversion work, and even paint jobs. One of my pieces (IMPACT!Miniatures Deadwood Treeman)was named one of the top ten gaming products of 2007 by Tabletop Gaming News. I can be contacted at Agarrett23@sympatico.ca

Friday, August 21, 2009

Imperial Guard Army Gallery is up!

This ENORMOUS new gallery in the 40k section shows off my entire "Ausmania Secundus Rangers" Imperial Guard army for Warhammer 40k. Based on Catachan models and a few scratch-built pieces, every model in this army has been converted and or puttied onto. The centrepiece is the Iron Duke, the excellent new Leman Russ Executioner kit from GW - the textured floor inside inspired some fantastic interior modelling. I hope people enjoy looking at these models even half as much as I enjoyed making them, cause this project was SO MUCH FUN!!!

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