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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I'm a forty year old Artist and semi-professional sculptor, and I've turned my hobby into a fun and interesting career. I was born in Britain but currently live in Ottawa, Canada. I've been sculpting commercial models for 6 years, I can work in 3-ups or regular scale, and I've done fantasy and sci-fi sculpts, boardgame components, model railway models, 1:72 scale minis, and wedding cake toppers. I'm available for custom miniature sculpting, master sculpts for casting, extensive conversion work, and even paint jobs. One of my pieces (IMPACT!Miniatures Deadwood Treeman)was named one of the top ten gaming products of 2007 by Tabletop Gaming News. I can be contacted at Agarrett23@sympatico.ca

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Finished another piece today, this one a customized Space Marine bike character for a customer in Britain. I like it so much I'm going to make a similar one for myself I think :)


  1. Hey Alex really liking the look of this bike character bro, did you use a head from the scout sprue? Great work man

  2. Hi!

    There seems to be some mold lines here and there. I think it would be a good idea to remove them before painting, so you don't ruin the paintjob.

    Best regards

  3. Nice work using the Sauran/Mayan Macuahuitl as a hand weapon for the Space Marine. Very well done!

    --Samuel Mikuletic-Hicks